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Friday, March 15, 2013

Tomato Planting Season

It's that time of year again.  The weather is turning warm in some parts of the country, and in others it's not that far behind.

So what are you doing for your vegetable garden this year?  We've heard from many gardeners around the country who say they've tried Mighty 'Mato tomatoes in the past couple of years, and wouldn't bother with anything else in their gardens.

This year there is more  to talk about than ever.  Mighty 'Mato is introducing 21 new varieties of grafted tomatoes, and all can be purchased online through

Try our unique heirloom tomato varieties such as “Black Icicle,” “Brandywine,” “Copia” and “Chocolate Stripes,” highly recommended to gardeners in any part of the country. Other popular varieties include deep-in-color and antioxidant-rich “Indigo Rose,” the world’s earliest tomato - “42 Days” and beautifully striped “Bumblebee Purple” cherry tomatoes.

Don't forget that Mighty 'Mato tomatoes grow larger (so give them plenty of room), are much more disease and pest resistant that other plants, and best of all, give you more tomatoes than you could ever imagine.

Watch for more to come as we begin planting in our own personal gardens.  But even if it's not the right time to plant in your area, you can order now and the plants will be shipped right on schedule for the perfect spring planting.