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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bring on the Heat!

It is no secret that this year’s weather has shown uncharacteristically high temperatures. The good news for gardeners is that it means a longer planting season! Without the threat of frost, tomatoes can thrive in this weather – making now the ideal time to get started on your edible garden.

While it may be closer to the end of seed harvesting time, Mighty‘Mato tomato plants have already been started. They come in a specially designed container, ready to be transplanted into your home garden or a pot.

Aside from current optimal weather for tomato-planting, Mighty ‘Mato tomato plants have a greater tolerance to stresses of extreme temperature or poor soil. This resistance creates a much larger harvest window for Mighty ‘Mato plants, so the yield over the season is abundant – they produce three to four times the number of tomatoes.

The current weather trend has presented an incredible opportunity for gardens across America; more time to plant tomatoes means better harvests and fresher meals.

There couldn’t be a better time to plant your Mighty ‘Mato tomato plants. You’ll have plenty of delicious tomatoes by summer to add to your favorite dishes. Check out our recipes for some ideas on how to incorporate Mighty ‘Matos into your home cooking!

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