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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Use Tomatoes to Improve Your Health!

What do high cholesterol, sunburns and hunger have in common? They can all be minimized with tomatoes!

Tomatoes are considered somewhat of a super food – and for a good reason! They have many benefits that make them a staple in any home garden.

I love eating tomatoes as a snack or meal. The meaty texture fills me up and is absolutely delicious at the same time. Tomatoes are satisfying because they reduce levels of ghrelin – a hormone that our stomachs produce to tell the brain that our stomachs need to be fed. Ah, music to the dieter’s ear! Tomatoes fill you up and make you feel full longer, thus helping you stay slim.

Tomatoes also have the ability to reduce the risk of many cancer types and lower LDL, or bad cholesterol. They are packed with lycopene, a pigment that acts as an antioxidant to protect cells against damage. Lycopene also gives tomatoes their vibrant red color.

Another outstanding benefit of tomatoes is that they aid in skin health. They improve the skin’s ability to protect against UV rays, which are very harmful and can cause skin cancer. Those who are sunburn-prone or looking for skin rejuvenation will find the answer in tomatoes.

Tomatoes can help people lose weight, keep the heart healthy and aid with skin health. When you plant your garden, don’t forget to include tomatoes! Growing your own tomatoes will ensure the benefits of pesticide-free and vitamin-packed fruits.

Plant tomatoes in your home garden and take advantage of this super food to improve your health, starting now! Mighty ‘Mato tomato plants grow bigger, tastier and more tomatoes due to the grafting process, which means more bang for your buck!

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