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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mom Deserves the Best!

Few things make me happier than seeing my mom walk out from her garden with a bowl-full of cherry tomatoes and a smile from ear to ear. Holding a delightful red one proudly for all to see, she’ll talk about each tomato as if it has a special place in her heart. I’ll attest to the fact that her tomato garden is successful because she gives the plants ‘love’ to grow on, which is exactly how she raised me.

When Mother’s Day rolls around, I cannot wait to show this wonderful woman how lucky I feel to have been hers. In terms of gifts, I always choose a plant because she loves to garden. She loves to water, pick, prune and showcase my ‘gifts.’

For the past few years, I’ve given her tomato plants. Mother’s Day is the perfect time of year to plant small tomato plants in the ground and watch them evolve into a beautiful full grown tomato plant.

My mom loves tomatoes in her salads and entrees – part of what makes her home cooking so delicious! No matter how many times she’s used the tomatoes that come from the plants I have given her, she never fails to mention that they are from her ‘favorite’ Mother’s Day gift.

Mighty ‘Mato tomato plants are easy to order, plant and care for, which makes them the perfect gift. Even when I’m on the opposite side of the state, I can have them sent straight to my mom. Now is the perfect time to order, they’ll get to her just in time. Place your order now by following this link.

Mighty ‘Mato tomato plants start small so a mother can do what she does best, nurture and help them grow. Your mom will love her Mother’s Day gift and be proud as she watches the little plant grow from the ground… up. 

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  1. What a great thought for mom! And everyone else gets the benefits too all season long. Loved it.