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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Morning Tomato Progress

I've checked out my Mighty 'Mato plants this morning, and I can almost see them grow.  With the weather getting warmer and more sunshine (although it's overcast again this morning) in San Diego, CA, both plants seem to be thriving.

I have two plants (got a combo pack but gave one plant to a friend).  One I planted in the ground in a good sunny location, the other I put in a very large pot on the deck in another sunny location.  I probably focused on the soil more with the one in the pot, since I had to start from the beginning there.  Then to my dismay this morning, I discovered I wasn't being fair because I had put a large cage with 4 tiers around the potted plant, and only a 3 tier cage around the one in the ground.  Fortunately, they're still young enough I could change that, so I did.  Now I can be more unbiased about the size, and the one in the ground is definitely still larger. These plants like room to grow.

From all I know of 'Mighty Mato plants, the larger cages are important, because they grow so large.  I'm hoping now that my 4-tier cages will be enough, because the plants are growing like crazy.  On the "grounded" one, I had picked off some early blooms, but now I'm seeing some in the "potted" plant.  I think I'll leave those, as the plant seems to be strong and growing well.

In Southern California we're having a late spring, so everything is a bit behind where it would normally be for May 12.  But these mighty little guys are surpassing the rest of the garden!

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